In Light of Eternity

In light of eternity is how I want to live

Redeeming the days no matter what comes my way

Dying daily to this world

No longer giving to swine my pearls

In light of eternity  must be my constant state of mind

moving forward and leaving the past behind

In light of eternity is how I desire my days to be

No longer walking as an unwise person

         A Whisper


  He speaks in a whisper

     Peace be still

     I know it hurts

yes your pain is real

But be still

I am with you in this fire

Let my love you lift you higher

Your faith has to be tried by the fire

But you won't be burned

You will not be destroyed

He says in a whisper just be still and know that I am God

He could speak in a thunder

But He speaks so tender

he says I have loved you with an everlasting love in a whisper


        Called Out

Called out

Called out of darkness

Called into this glorious light

Sustained by grace

What is the choice I will make

Will I go forward in faith

I want to be found trusting in the one who for me laid it all down

Called out to walk on water

So I say yes

Find myself starting to step

Not knowing what awaits me but greater is the one who lives in me

So I am called out to be set apart 

To do great exploits for the One who said it is finished, it is done

Free from the shackles that once held me

Chains of selfishness and envy

Remembering my victories because the Eternal One is with me

Thinking of Him who gave that to me

He predestined me to be called out of my comfort

So I am asking Peter's question

Lord if it is you bid me to come to thee

Because you spoke to my heart 

and said come follow me 

You are called out

Called out to do the extraordinary by the strength of the one in me

Submitted and surrendered on this journey is a process for me

and some days I want to sit in

complacency but the Spirit will not allow me because I been called out

So if you hear His voice today

follow my lead and fall on your knees

Seek Him while He may be found a

He will restore you without a doubt

Seek Him while He may be called out


Lord you are my peace

Because of you I walk in authority

When the storms of life are raging and the enemy is trying to discourage me

You speak to me

There is joy in my soul that the world could never give me

It keeps me

When the first drop of blood was shed sins ceased to have power over me

I walk in victory

Nor fearing what is right in front of me

When I walk in peace

I walk in power because the Greater One lives in me and

He has left me His peace

He reigns for all eternity

The flame gets hotter

The water seems to be rising higher around me

I hear Jesus talking in my spirit to me

Remember I am with you in this

The enemy is forever defeated

All authority in heaven and earth has been given unto me

So rest in my peace

When the world laughs

It appears as if God has abandoned me

I can stand in victory

knowing I have Christ the hope of glory in me

What a peace


I have a consecrated place in Him

I have been made a part of Him

Dedicated unto His service

My allegiance is to His name

I declare Jesus' rule and reign

For His Kingdom is not of this world and has no end

That consecrated place only holds space

For my Father in all His glory

The Lord Jesus lives in me

By his stripes, I have been consecrated

His light fills my entire being

He floods my soul with love that never fails

He consecrates me through His Spirit

Who comforts, consoles and reminds me that

I have been set apart

Of a peculiar people and part of a holy nation

For my entire being mind, body, and soul

My spirit has been consecrated

So I hold this dear

Protective of its access

Watchful and viligant

I must guard my consecrated place

For the Spirit of the Lord will dwell in an unclean vessel

That place in my soul where God has a hold

That place that He occupies

Because of faith in His Son

I have passed from death to life

That place in my soul

It is so special to Him that

No one else has access to

The consecrated place in my soul

Is where I find rest in Him

The mighty shadow under which I reside

That sacred place on the inside of me

That consecrated place have I consecrated unto thee

Create within me a clean heart

Renew a right spirit in me

That consecrated place

I have lost all love for the things of this world

They are fading

But the Word of the Lord will forever stand

He has inscribed my name in the palm of His hand

And I have wholly given myself unto Him

So I can stand in the storms of life consecrated

      Like Me

Jesus died for people like me

The well do not need a doctor but the sick sit at His feet slowly transformed

I am so grateful that Jesus died for people like me

The fallen, the sick, the weak

The foolish things that this world say can never be

Jesus shed His precious innocent blood for people like me

My soul was sick

Sick with sin

Iniquity hidden so deep within

Who can know the heart deceitfully wicked above all things

Well hidden beneath the surface of self righteousness

Nothing is hidden from the King

Nothing compares to the freedom Christ brings

People like me needed not just a Savior but a risen King

Sin had me bound

My mind was held hostage by what I could not see

But that is not where the story ends for people like me

I been chosen, forgiven, and redeemed

Consecrated unto the Lord of lords and King of kings

In my own righteousness I do not stand, but I stand in the righteousness of the Great I Am

I am a Daughter of the King

Beautiful, anointed, and destined for great things

I am a diamond in the rough

I now belong to the Lord of lords and King of the kings

I am His ambassador in the earth

In Him I now find my worth

Empty validation I no longer seek because what the world offers does nothing for

Their lord is no longer my king

In Christ I have a new identity

Dismissing the things of the world

They no longer draw me

But it started over 2000 years ago on a wooden tree

The words, “It is finished and it is done” and the torn veil marked the beginning for people like me

Suddenly the earth shook

The earth had to release Him

He is the reason why I walk in dominion and authority

On that day principalities lost their hold over humanity over people like me

Darkness was defeated with just one drop of blood

He nailed to the tree

My sins, selfishness, my envy

He had to do it for people like me

Emanuel, God in flesh, went on to breath His last

No amount of good deeds could pay for my sins

Hell was waiting for people like me

Every day He stood at the door of my heart and knocked

Finally, I let Him in

My Lord My God is what He is to me

He is not just a good teacher

He has revealed Himself as so much more to me

I have given up everything to follow my King because

He gave so much for people like me

He did not withhold His best from people like me

Though I am far from deserving

You see the world discards people like me

But God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise

He uses people like me to show His glory

There is no room for ego with people like me

Our life remains hidden in the Creator

Who laid down His life and picked it back up for people like me

People like me are peculiar and strange

We flow by the Spirit, and we seek His way in everything

We owe a debt that we can never repay

Because it is people like me who had to call on the power of His name

We know who we are apart from Christ

People like me cling to Christ for life.



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