Beneath the surface

Updated: Apr 16

It does not feel good. It is quite uncomfortable, and it can be downright painful but is what is more painful is stagnation. Comfort is the enemy that we war with on the inside. Anyone who ever did anything great had to face themselves. Often times we can run from ourselves more than anyone else. Self examination demands that we be accountable. No longer can we blame our genetics or the absence of a parent. Furthermore, self examination demands change, and often times it is the discomfort and not the change that we fight. Has anyone ever started a new job or entered into a serious relationship after seasons of singleness only to find that the blessings require a shift. We often enter into a new season with the same mentality unknowingly until circumstances force us to shift or rearrange how we have been doing things! Recently, an event occurred in my life that ushered in an urgency for deeper self examination. I hurt my sister, and it hurt me to my soul! At that point, I had to get still before my myself and the God that I serve. It was painful and messy, but it was necessary. I could have run from or make an excuse that I did not have time. So my question is what are you trying to run from within yourself? Find a trusted friend, faith leader, or your therapist and open up about it because your soul will thank you. I also want to encourage you that if you feel afraid is is normal! Do not allow anyone to shame you or make you feel less than for being honest about where you are in your journey. It is your own unique journey so do not be afraid to embrace all of you in this season! Change can be scary and uncomfortable but comfort can cost us destiny. What are you refusing to change and why? I challenge you to use this question as a start for self examination. Ask yourself the tough questions and know that the blessings on the other side far outweigh the growing pains of change. Feel free to journal and share your BB here at the calm corner. We look forward to growing with you on the journey