Divine discomfort

So many times we say that we want growth. Ironically, we look for it in our small places of comfort. When opportunity presents itself, we run back to our comfort zone disgruntled and far from content. I myself have been guilty of running from situations designed for discomfort. This discomfort is often strategic and intentional. I recall the apostle Paul asking three times for this discomfort and pain to be remove. His situation is what I call divine discomfort. Whenever we are comfortable, we fail to shift. We convince ourselives that the project would be too much, keeping the baby while raising the current children, the move would be too soon, or starting the business would be a mistake. We talk ourselves out of our divine discomfort because of what I call avoidance. Ironically, we fail to realize that the purpose of discomfort is to get us outside of ourselves and also to increase our capacity for more. We were created to do more than exist yet how many times have we settle. For the longest time, I fought driving because I was comfortable with how I maneuvered through the city until God disrupted my comfort! I was far from thrilled. However, I have come to realize that it was a divine setup. What is your divine discomfort? what are you running from or what do you refuse to run to? Consider how your divine discomfort is actually showing up at a certain time. Pay close attention to the season that you are. When we start to pay attention to the session, suddenly the divine discomfort can transform into answered prayer. Remember when discomfort is removed, capacity to change is diminished and stagnation sets in. It is better to be uncomfortable than to be dead to possibilities. Feel free to share your experience because we learn better when we learn in community.


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