How Are You Using Your Road Map?

Updated: Apr 16

Whenever we go on a trip, most of the time we have a map to provide us with direction. Without it, we are lost. Our maps guide us. Out of curiosity, I looked up the word guide which means to direct or have influence on the course of action of something or someone. Just as road maps guide us during our physical destination, our inner maps guide so many aspects of our life. They come from our experiences whether they are good or bad. Our painful experiences can have redemptive value depending upon how we use them. We can take the experience and become bitter or better. We are not responsible for our trauma, but we are responsible for our healing. So I pose the question how are you using what you have been through? How are you taking accountability for your healing? To find out how you can take accountability for your healing check out tips that will be posted on our website very soon! This week I challenge you to meditate on an unpleasant experience. Maybe you did not get the promotion. Maybe you have experienced a bad break up. Maybe you have experienced an illness or it seems like one bad break after another. Journal how each experience has shaped your current outlook. No experience has to be wasted.