The awakening

Updated: Jun 22

We recieve invitations to awaken every single day. Yet we do not always answer the call. Many times, we ignore or we become angry because the awakening may come in the form of a sudden divorce, lay-off, or injury. I still recall doing my residency. While I was completing my residency, I had an injury to my ankle. I broke a bone on the left side of my foot. For two months, I could not move. I had a lot of time to think. I needed to slow down, but I keep ignoring the warning signs. God had to allow me to sustain an injury in order to awaken me. I became awakened to the fact that I was not a machine. The injury gave me an opportunity to reconnect with my Jesus in a beautiful way. God was drawing me and inviting me. What sudden losses or unpredictable events have happened to awaken you? Better yet, we are still in the middle of a pandemic that no one could have prepared for. What opportunity has the pandemic created for you to awaken? At first, it was difficult for some people including myself to stay still. The more time I spent with myself the more time I had to self reflect about my life, my purpose, and my relationship. I challenge you again to re-examine your current circumstance. What invitation has presented itself and how will you answer?

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