To be considered

Most of us sometimes ask why did I get handpicked for this trial? Why do I have to deal with this boss? We often scream out why. We often miss the beauty of our uncomfortable place. It is possible that every trial and challenge is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. What if the situation with the nasty boss is an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth? what if the challenging project at work is meant to take you to the next level. What if the vision is too big for you because it did not come from you? What if somehow you had been considered? You might ask me what I do mean. To consider means to regard something or someone as having a specified quality. Is it possible that you are bulit for your challenge in more ways than you realize because you have been considered. what if the angry boss serves as an opportunity for patienc. Many times we say why me but my challenge is why not you and why not now. I challenge you to look deep and reframe what may be a difficult situation. Remember this diamonds do not become diamonds without pressure and neither can you!

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