When is the last time that you looked in the mirror

Updated: Apr 16

I had a thought provoking conversation with my sister about the importance of self examination, and the conversation left me with a question of when was the last time that I looked in the mirror? For me the Word of God is my mirror. Mirrors are very important because we have a chance to see ourselves as we are. Imagine dressing yourself without looking in the mirror or getting up and not even utilizing your mirror! So I ask you a question: what are you doing with your mirror? A mirror allows us to examine ourselves. Without self examination we can become subject to self deception! We can walk around

with blinders on. We can be walking in a way that seems right, but is contrary to what we profess or even our convictions. Imagine never going to the doctor for an examination to discover that you have an untreated wound which has turned into an infection. An unchecked soul can become an invitation for evil if we are not careful. No one is beyond deception. Self examination is a necessary part of our well being. At the core, we are spiritual beings, so we cannot ignore the weight of our soul. An unchecked soul can result in a slow death. The death is not necessarily a physical death. It can be the death of our joy and peace because we have allowed our souls to become filled with the wrong things. I challenge you to take time to do a thorough self assessment. It may seem scary, painful, and downright messy, but it is necessary. Feel free to share your experiences because we learn better when we learn in community.